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An avid people & pet photographer, this blog is an easier way to share stories and photos with family and friends that are scattered across the globe. I'm a blonde who finally went back to her natural color after years of being a redhead. I'm in love with photography, reading, movies, live music, history and my Italian Greyhound Dante. Born in Norway, I've been living in SoCal since I was five. {Photo by Nancy Orozco}

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Is it Wednesday already?

Gotta love a 3-day weekend! Especially one spent with my awesome godparents. :) We pretty much relaxed at home the whole time, although I did head down to Dana Point Friday night with Nikki, Mindy and Sean to see Pirates of the Caribbean on a big screen in the park. So much fun! We also had a surprise visit from Sarah and Jim (and Taj) on Saturday, which was wonderful. People never just show up at your doorstep anymore, y'know?

Some bits of the weekend:

But I was totally fine with just relaxing, after all that we did the weekend before last for mom's birthday. Plus, I finally got my grubby hands on a copy of this:

Yup, Sarah and I are officially addicted. It is just so freakin' fun! Lots of tongue-in-cheek jokes. And the great part is you can't just beat it outright, so it's actually worth investing in (not like certain games [Shrek] that are over and done with in 3 hours). I rented it Saturday, and we loved it so much that when I came home today, a copy was wrapped up and waiting for me! Thanks Sarah and Lars!!

Lest this blog entry be too short, here's Karen's Monday poll...on a Wednesday:

  1. Mood: Inspired. I've done 4 scrapbook pages in a week!
  2. Chores you dislike the most? If I had to choose, I truly hate scrubbing the bathroom floor and shower.
  3. What color are your eyes? Greeeeeen.
  4. Are you ticklish? Ridiculously. Especially on my feet. Makes getting pedicures hard!
  5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: A combo of pinky Nars and Stila eyeshadows, Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in bronze and Fresh Sugar Rose.
  6. Your favorite holiday? Christmas. By far.
  7. Have you ever cried at work? Yes, lightly, when I've messed up and get really mad at myself. I tend towards perfectionism, and typical woman, frustration can leak out.
  8. Would you survive a zombie invasion? I think so, because thanks to the ex's obsession with zombie movies I now know all the possible warning signs.
  9. Outfit: Now that I've changed out of work clothes, it's just comfy yoga pants from American Eagle and a Minus the Bear t-shirt.
  10. Weekly goals: Wear my awesome new t-shirt, catch up on Project 365 (even though poor iMac is still broke while I save up to fix it), defeat Lego Star Wars. Then head down to San Diego to hang with the lawyer crew. :)

What about you guys? Any plans?


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Hi, saw your comment on MCP blog and since you're a Tamron user, I'd love to send you a limited edition pin. you could even win that lens Jodi used for the ad! just send me your address (email and I will send a pin. You can read all about it at Thanks for using a Tamron lens! stacie

September 10, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterstacie

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