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An avid people & pet photographer, this blog is an easier way to share stories and photos with family and friends that are scattered across the globe. I'm a blonde who finally went back to her natural color after years of being a redhead. I'm in love with photography, reading, movies, live music, history and my Italian Greyhound Dante. Born in Norway, I've been living in SoCal since I was five. {Photo by Nancy Orozco}

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Ten Things

Because the weather has turned lovely lately (barring Tuesday's rain and hail), it's time for another edition of Ten Things {Making Me Happy}!

1. New embroidery in Mindy's Etsy shop - especially love the hot air balloon!

2. The Modish blog. Am I the last person to start reading it? She shares really beautiful stuff, it's a great place to go for inspiration.

3. Pajama day/movie marathon with my mom (and dad, for part of the day). We were forced, by post-surgery needs and a migraine (respectively), to spend the day on the couch together and it was wonderful. Can we do that more, please? We'll just have to pretend our to-do lists don't exist.

4. Gorgeous, inspirational photography on Flickr. Mainemomma and Retales Botijero are two of my absolute top favorite photos that I've found on there. Most of the time I love browsing Flickr for the human element, to see through other people's eyes as to their lives and how they view the world. But in this case, I love to be inspired by their work and to feel challenged by it. They consistently turn out beautiful, creative images and I hope someday to grow up and do work like them!

5. How Dante doubles as a space heater. He really does! Because he has no fat and short, thin fur, he hardly retains any heat. Which is why he loves to burrow under the covers.

During the colder months, this works out wonderfully for both of us. In the summer, I can't get far enough away from him!

6. This sweet, sweet print. I needs it! I've had it saved in my favorites for a while and it makes me smile every time I see it.

7. Tara's hilarious story about her family's snow day trip. Pretty much exactly what we used to go through when I was a kid. It brought back memories I hadn't thought about in a while!

8. Erin Vey. Quite possibly the coolest dog photographer I've ever come across. Such a unique point of view and a well-honed style that's so defined I recognized her work on the cover of a book in Barnes & Noble the other day! I know I keep using this word, but at this point in my life and career I need inspirational people/places/blogs like this around to keep me motivated. And her shots of her dog Gracie always brings a smile to my face. Especially these. :)

9. Comfy slippers. Mom got me these from LL Bean years ago and they're still going strong. Nothing like getting into warm soft slippers right out of the shower on cold mornings!

10. Planning a day trip. Is it just me, or is half the fun looking up things to do and places to eat? Can't wait for Solvang on Sunday. :)

So what about you friends? What's floating your boat lately?


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Reader Comments (1)

Oh my God!! That photo of Dante looks EXACTLY like my Jolene (the iggy)!! She's the same way - burrows under everything and doubles as a little space heater for me. Aren't they funny little creatures?! Thanks for your sweet comment on my photo! I'm so glad to have found your blog!! xo

February 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda

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