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A Day at the Getty

Just over a week ago was the February Faded & Blurred photo walk, and this time it was at one of my favorite places in LA, the Getty Center. The whole week they had been predicting thunderstorms for that day, but we were going rain or shine, and luckily Frank's sacrifice to the gods made sure that we had perfect weather. A few dark clouds, but for the most part clearer than it's been for a long time. You could see Catalina! (I use an exclamation point because usually its too hazy/smoggy/etc to see that far off the coast!)

I convinced a few friends (Nikki, Mindy and Eric/Bussman) to go with, and they in turn convinced some more friends (Heather and her sisters Mallory and Ashlee), so it turned out to be a super fun group! Eric and I drove there together and made it in record time. I'm really glad the walk started at 10, because by the time we left there was a line just for the tram to take you up to the museum!

I took almost 200 photos, but these are a selection of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Bussman's newest tattoo:

Lotioning said tattoo so it wouldn't itch:

It really was the most perfect weather (typically I'm there in the summer taking visiting family and friends):

The best part about being there right when it opened was all the shots you could get with hardly any people in them!

It didn't hurt that I had pretty models with me:

We took advantage of the nice weather at the start to do the gardens (at that point, it still looked like more rain was coming), which are so fun. Especially when some of the people you're with haven't been there before!

My friends are such good sports!

Eric's face was made to be photographed, it just has so much character. (Once you get him to stop making faces, anyway.) Love this new free Lightroom preset I used on it.

And the same effect on Mindy:

To see the full Flickr set, click here, or if you're friends with me on Facebook the whole kit and kaboodle is here.

(I promise Mindy, I'll be back with Solvang soon...but I had to get these done in time to enter them in the competition!)


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Reader Comments (2)

Wow!! These shots are amazing! I love your photography! (Oh, and I just noticed the new header - very nice!!) XO

March 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda

you take the *very* best photos. And, I hate having my photo taken, but have decided I want you to take my picture!!!

March 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermelanie

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