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An avid people & pet photographer, this blog is an easier way to share stories and photos with family and friends that are scattered across the globe. I'm a blonde who finally went back to her natural color after years of being a redhead. I'm in love with photography, reading, movies, live music, history and my Italian Greyhound Dante. Born in Norway, I've been living in SoCal since I was five. {Photo by Nancy Orozco}

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Ten Things

It seems that it's been a while, so with all that's been going on around here lately, it's time for another edition of Ten Things {Making Me Happy}.

1. My dad doesn't have to have surgery on his back. We're all super relieved. Need I say more?

2. Mac Fix+ Spray. I was a bit hesitant at the idea of spraying a liquid on my face after getting my makeup all perfect, but I read a few reviews about this spray as a finisher to help your makeup last longer (which I've always had a problem with) and after using it for a couple weeks I have to say I really like it! It doesn't make my makeup run at all and really makes me feel refreshed. I like throwing it in my bag when I have really long days to help freshen up.

3. Spring has sprung! What could be better than that? The only ones not happy about it are my allergies. But its totally worth the fantastic weather we've been having. Seemingly in response, this succulent that's been in the backyard for years has flowered for the first time! 

4. Geekery. Whether it's an awesome edition of Etsy Finds ("Talk Nerdy to Me" - love it!) or this hysterical reference manual, I love it all! Hell, let's face it, I just love saying geekery. :)

5. The Image Is Found, personal edition. I've been in love with Nate & Jaclyn's photography for several years now, and recently they started up a blog just for their personal images. And you know what? I think I love those even more than their wedding stuff. (I know, shoot the traitor!) But there's just something so wonderfully inspired about them, plus Nate has gotten back into shooting film more, that I'm just smitten all over again. Like the one below, for example - oh, the personality!

6. Learning a ton of new things thanks to my classes at Tri-Community and Faded & Blurred's new podcast series. Now I just need to get some models together! Any volunteers?

7. Realizing I know more than I thought I did. Apparently, I'm not completely clueless. This is awesome news! It turns out that I'm only mostly clueless. (One scoop of ice cream for whoever can name that vague reference. Anyone by the name of Nikki Glowin is excluded from winning.)

8. Local business hilarity.

And if you're wondering why I found this sign so hilarious, then you need to watch this video or just Google "pants on the ground." You're welcome.

9. These stunning images from Blue Lily Photography. Tyler has been telling the hilarious story of how he and Wendy met, split and then eventually married, and when he also posted images like the one above that they took of each other recently while at a rock quarry, I gasped out loud (and cried a little). So insanely awesome.

10. Today is International Children's Book Day. I've been a bookworm since I can remember. I have a distinct memory of curling up in the old rocking chair we brought over from Norway with one of the Anne of Green Gables books (did you know it was a series? I have them all!) and my Easter candy haul. Don't know if I've ever been happier. ;) What were your favorites as a kid?

In other news, Nancy blogged about the wedding we shot together a few weekends ago. Go ahead and see if you can tell who shot which image!


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I can't be excluded no fair!!! ;) Good to hear dad is in the clear. Can't wait to catch up with you friend... it feels like forever. LOVE YOU!

April 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNikki

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