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An avid people & pet photographer, this blog is an easier way to share stories and photos with family and friends that are scattered across the globe. I'm a blonde who finally went back to her natural color after years of being a redhead. I'm in love with photography, reading, movies, live music, history and my Italian Greyhound Dante. Born in Norway, I've been living in SoCal since I was five. {Photo by Nancy Orozco}

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Oh, For the Love of Etsy

As long as I'm pretend-shopping on Etsy again, I thought I'd share what's catching my eye! (It helps with the cravings, mom. Promise.)

This seriously lovely porcelain greyhound. Usually they seem kinda creepy to me and this one is just...sleek!

For obvious reasons. :)

This adorable vintage tweed dress + jacket set is calling my name!

And can I have her hair, please??

I love the idea of having this super cute light in the corner of my room - it'd be so cozy!

These gourd bowls are so simple and elegant, and they'd be perfect for homemade sauces or dressing.

Continuing the white trend, I'm thinking this gorgeous hand painted ceramic coffee cup with silicone lid would be a smart investment and keep me from wasting so many paper ones!

This whale tissue box cover would have really cheered me up the 400 times a day I was reaching for a tissue last week! We're talking major nose drippage, people. Not pretty.

What have you found lately, fellow addicts?


P.S. My dad is out of surgery and doing great - already flirting with the nurses. :)

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Reader Comments (3)

Glad your dad is doing alright!

February 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMelinda Muscato

oh my lord, what a completely gorgeous collection of items! So wholesome-looking and yet all inciting me to get clickity and SHOP! The ceramic cups and whale tissue box are what have completely taken my fancy; imagine those delightful items brightening up one's work cubicle? gorgeous - thanks for the heads up.

PS: glad to hear your dad is recovering well:-)

February 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBusichic

i love the greyhound. -but that whale tissue box made me drool.

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